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Chaya Mushka Seminary was established by the Montreal Jewish community in honour of the Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson, of blessed memory, shortly after her passing in תשמ”ח) 1988).

Since then, it has provided post-secondary education of the highest caliber for hundreds of young Jewish women, coming from the world over, enabling them to contribute to the continuity, strength and growth of the Jewish people. Our graduates are busy raising proud Jewish families and assuming Shlichus positions throughout the world, and have opened new schools and centers from Singapore to Prague and from Niagara to Florida.

The school is unique in its focus. Professional teacher training is treated as a priority. Innovative programming enables graduates to reach Jewish children of all ages, and to stimulate the gifted mind together with the learning disabled.

The Seminary seeks to form Chassidishe, confident, knowledgeable and skilled young women, poised to fulfill their potential as successful mothers, thriving community leaders, and wholesome individuals.

Nestled in the legendary Chabad community of Montreal, Chaya Mushka Seminary’s uniquely Chassidishe environment fosters a strong Hiskashrus, a love of learning, a sense of individual purpose and fulfillment, a dedication to community, an inclination to teach and the ability to lead.