Operation Miriam – Saving Ukrainian Young Women

As a mission of compassion, 25 vulnerable, displaced, and at-risk young women (ages 17-20), from war-torn Ukraine, are in the process, with our help, of completing the refugee paperwork to join our  Ben Weider Educational Centre for refuge, patronage and an opportunity for a fresh start in Canada.

Please help us save these precious lives, transforming their unimaginable conditions of violence, danger, ruin and poverty into a new home of safety, comfort, promise and opportunity.

Your 100% tax-deductible gift will pay for:
  • Visas and Travel
  • Education Accredited by Campus Notre Dame De Foy
  • Room and Board at our Frieda Dym Residence Hall, in Montreal
  • Clothing, Books and Living expenses
  • Trauma Counseling and Therapy
  • Integration into the community, surrounded by loving and nurturing friends and staff
  • A complete strategy to foster independence, confidence and acclimation to Canadian society.

*100% of funds raised will benefit the young women being rescued, with no deductions for administrative costs.