Adult Education


BCM College is a private establishment dedicated to the professional integration of adults who have given themselves a goal and a career plan in very specific sectors. It is in the context of a partnership with the Campus Notre-Dame de Foy, a private college establishment recognized and approved for the purposes of grants from the Government of Quebec, that we support our clienteles in their professional journey.

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Located in the heart of Greater Montreal, at Carré Décarie, our establishment welcomes students of all origins who aim to succeed in their educational journey towards finding a quality job.

The objectives are:
- provide avenues for career development through support for establishment training, educational placements and work integration;
- offer solutions to selected employers looking for qualified labor.

To achieve this, we have created an organized approach to support adult students. We have consolidated an effective collaboration with the Notre-Dame de Foy Campus, which offers its programs and educational resources to our customers.

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