Feast of the Nations Gala 2014

Seminary 25th Anniversary Gala

On October 30th, 2014, more than 400 members of the Montreal Jewish Community joined the Chaya Mushka Seminary in celebrating The Seminary’s 25th Anniversary Gala. This year, as The Seminary celebrated this special milestone of a quarter century of excellence in education; we took the opportunity of honoring those special individuals, The Seminary “All-Stars”, our past Chai-Award recipients, who went beyond their line of duty towards the education of our children.

Rabbi Michoel Dahan, Dean of the Seminary, addressed the attendees on the importance of the Chinuch offered at The Seminary and the success the seminary has enjoyed since its inception 25 years ago. He spoke of the important work the students accomplish in the Montreal Community and later throughout the world on Shlichus.

Rabbi Dahan also paid a special tribute to Mrs. Tzivi Zaklos, obm. Mrs. Zaklos was a beloved and revered teacher at The Seminary. Girls from all over the world have gained knowledge and insight from her teachings and continue to impart this knowledge wherever they are today, be it as mothers, teachers or on Shlichus.

Mrs. Malky Zejger, an alumna of the Seminary, shlucha of the Rebbe in the Ukraine, addressed participants on the meaningful experience and education she received while attending the Seminary and how she applies that knowledge in her daily life on Shlichus.

Montreal Council General of Israel, Ziv Nevo-Kulman, wished The Seminary continued success as part of the Chabad global activities.

After the Gala and awards Ceremony, dinner guests were treated to a fabulous concert by the sensational Dudu Fisher. In total more than 1000 people attended the concert and enjoyed the world renowned singer’s performance.