Raid on Entebbe




Sasson (Sassy) Reuven has shared his first-hand experience in the Raid on Entebbe mission with thousands across the United States, Australia, Canada, Panama, South Africa, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. His inspiring story of solidarity through adversity has been well received by educational institutions, religious and secular groups, and military organizations alike.

Sassy was born and raised in Be'er Sheva, Israel, and joined the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) in 1973. He served in the Red Beret Paratrooper Brigade unit, where he participated in many covert operations one being the Raid on Entebbe.

​After receiving his engineering degree in 1984 from New York University, he traveled to Los Angeles where he served as the Director of Security for El Al Israel airlines. He settled in California where he and his wife raised three children.

One of Sassy's greatest joys is sharing his account of freeing the Jewish hostages in Entebbe. If you would like to learn more about Sassy and how to book him for upcoming events, please click below.


"Sassy's mesmerizing first-hand account of the miraculous rescue mission in Entebbe had our house packed full of college students on the edge of their seats and spellbound! His message is powerful and inspirational. I highly recommend bringing him to your campus!"

- Rabbi Gil Leeds, Chabad Jewish Center of UC Berkeley

"It is not often that you can have a living hero lecture at your shul. Sassy was delight to work with - I felt like a friend as soon as I spoke to him and he is extremely accommodating. People were hanging onto every word he said, from the beginning to the end, and I very much appreciated the clear message of endorsement and admiration he has for Chabad."

- Sholom Dietsch,

Chabad Lubavitch of Northern Virginia

"Sassy spoke three times in Leeds. The guests at our Purim Seuda loved him, and our event for Young Professionals was the largest event we've had for five years! Sassy is guaranteed to fill a hall and deliver a great message."

- Rabbi Eli Pink,

Lubavitch Center of Leeds, UK

"Sassy's presentation was beyond our expectations - the audience was riveted throughout. There is no question that Sassy can carry an event, and I would recommend him as a speaker without hesitation."

- Rachel Charnick,

Hadassah Southern California

"Sassy Reuven tells a daring, extraordinary, heroic and historic tale, and along the way reminds us that miracles do happen. Through his charm and a vivid account of a once-in-a-lifetime hostage rescue mission, Sassy teaches audiences of all backgrounds and ages that our greatest strength lies in the extent of our faith."

- Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin, Chabad Tuscon

"Sassy speaks of his experiences with genuine warmth and passion and draws you in to his story with his sincerity and fantastic humor. His self-deprecating attitude and his patience in listening and speaking with the audience after the lecture endeared him to the community. It's fortunate that a warrior with such great stories is also a thoroughly professional and enjoyable orator."

- Rabbi Eli Friedman, Chabad of Calabasas