Impacting Jewish Destiny

It’s been said that our lives are not measured in years, but in the lives of the people we touch around us – a truism solidly founded in Jewish thought. For members of the Jewish faith, however, there is an additional metric for gauging the quality of a life well-lived – namely, that which one does to ensure the viability, strength and continuity of the Jewish People and the “Jewish Idea.”

With  the Chabad Seminary of Canada providing college-level training, education and motivation to the Jewish teachers and community leaders of tomorrow; support for this institution is the most impactful and eternal contribution one can make to the perpetuation of Jewish life for generations to come – in Canada and throughout the world.

In the light of the “paying it forward” nature of this cause, we ask you to consider a substantial bequest to the Ben Weider Educational Center / Chabad Seminary of Canada as a part of your estate planning. The Chabad Seminary Legacy Project has been established to provide any guidance or assistance you may require in this regard. Obviously this is not at the expense of your familial  priorities and obligations, but as a visionary and generous supplement to it.

This is your opportunity to change Jewish Destiny in the most substantive and impactful way… Your opportunity to leave a Jewish legacy that will give… and keep on giving!

For more information contact us  or email legacy@theseminary.ca.