Israel trip

One of the highlights of Sem Bais is our annual Israel trip.
This year the trip will be in January 2016.
Here are some pictures from last year’s trip.

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Seminary Activities

Attending Chaya Muashka Seminary gives our Students a broad range of teachers, subjects and extra curricular activities. When the girls are finished with their studies they are able to to outreach work throughout the widespread Montreal Jewish Community in conjunction with the many Shluchim and Chabad Houses in the area.

The Seminary Students are involved in varied activities in many diverse settings, from teaching at Free-Hebrew, helping The Frienship Circle, visiting the elderly and sick in hospitals and homes, reaching out to college students, as well as being mentors and teachers to many children within the community.

All this is done in addition to enriching extra-curricular activities, such as trips, games, retreats and Shabbatons. Many out of town girls are unfamiliar with Montreal’s renowned winter climate. Rather than retreating indoors, we embrace the elements by enjoying many diverse winter sport activities that Montreal is famous for. This ensures that our Students have a happy and healthy balance throughout the changing seasons.

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